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The Importance of (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality and Portable Cooling.

Not all portable air conditioners are created equal.  Here at ClimaTemp Portables we have taken the lead in the climate control industry to bring new technologies and products to market that tackle the issues of (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality. 
Our HEPA spot cooler and (NPBI) Cold Plasma Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Technology products specifically take IAQ head on, making the air healthier and safer for people and their work environments.

All other standard spot coolers on the market have basic filtration and do not treat the air. Furthermore, they circulate dangerous pathogens including viruses and bacteria that pose a risk for infection to employees, patients, and the general public where these products are being used.  With the current state of the Pandemic and onset of the Endemic, it's obvious that these products are not safe for use in many applications which include Healthcare, Education, Retail, Offices and Buildings.

Whether the need is for portable cooling, heating, filtration or purification, you can count on our products to solve your issues.  Our products are used across many different industries and applications.  Rest assured when you use ClimaTemp, you are getting the safest and newest technologies available in the portable cooling industry.  

As always, ClimaTemp utilizes the safest products on the market.  We have partnered with Wellair/Plasma Air for our Bipolar Ionization technologies. Get the facts here:

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