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CTW-18 Portable Water Cooled Air Conditioner

CTW-18 water cooled
The new ClimaTemp CTW-18 water-cooled portable air conditioner.
  •  CTW-18 (1.5Ton)
  • Cooling Capacity: 18,000 Btu/h ~30' Liquid Lightning Hose Kit included.
  • Shark Bite Stainless Steel Double Lock quick connectors.
  • Integrated hose kit storage compartment for hose storage.
  • Automatic HP switch
  • Water Tray Drain Valve.
  • Heat Exchanger Drain Valve for Winterizing and storage.
  • Upgrade to premium HEPA filtration with our CTW-18 HEPA water cooled unit.
  • Eco Friendly A2L, R-32 Refrigerant
  • Programmable LED Controller.
  • Operates on standard 115V power at only 10.7 Amps.
  • Auto Restart. 
  • Wide operating range from 64°F to 113°F.
CTW-18 Hose Kit storage
R-32 Refrigerant
Hose kit
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