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CT-12 ECO-TEC+ HEPA       
1 Ton Spot Cooler


The first commercial spot cooler to feature ECO friendly R-32 refrigerant. The CT-12 ECO-TEC+ utilizes  R32 refrigerant which is (CARB) California Air Resource Board and EPA SNAP compliant. The R32 refrigerant used in our ECO-TEC+ line has a (GWP) Global Warming Potential of 675, which is below the 750 threshold.  The CT-12 ECO-TECH+ line can be purchased, sold and rented in all 50 states.
The CT-12 ECO-TEC+ base model also includes air purifying, Cold Plasma Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Technology. 
For the best in filtration and purification the CT-12 ECO-TEC+ HEPA has you covered with the additional HEPA filtration kit. Our HEPA Kit can be added to any of our 115V spot cooler products.
The most advanced portable air conditioner ever.
  • Reduces all types of viruses and bacteria  
  • Active Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization purification combined with passive HEPA filtration.
  • Effective on both airborne and surface pathogens.
  • Neutralizes odors and VOCs 
  • Traps particulates
  • Reduces mold spores, pollen and allergens
  • Efficacy tested and Independently proven effective
  • UL2998 Certified Ozone Free
  • Utilizing R32 Refrigerant

  • 2 CT-12 ECO-TEC+ models to choose from.

  • CT-12 ECO-TEC+

  • CT-12 ECO-TEC+HEPA. HEPA filtration when you add the HEPA kit accessory.

  • Operates in 2 modes: cooling & purification mode or fan & purification mode.

  • Provides 12,000 Btu/h of cold air... maximum spot cooling to quickly cool equipment, spaces and people.

  • LED Controller.

  • Operates on standard 115V power at only 12 Amps.

  • Integrated condensate bucket.

  • Auto full condensate bucket shut off and alarm.

  • Condensate Pump Option. (Beckett Brand Plug n Play)

  • Auto Restart.

  • No costly installation necessary. Roll it to anywhere.

  • Provides cooling down to 64°F ambient.  

  • Wide operating range from 64°F to 113°F.

  • Built rugged for everyday use and designed for the rental industry.

  • Classic design for a great look in all commercial applications.

  • High quality locking castors for effortless movement.

  • Optional Condenser Plenum and cold air nozzles available.


CT-12 ECO-TEC+ HEPA spot cooler

UL 2998 Ozone-Free Validation

CT-12 ECO-TEC+ spot cooler
R-32 Refrigerant
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