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The first commercial portable Heat Pump to feature HEPA filtration  The new ClimaTemp CPTH-12 HEPA Heat Pump.
  • HEPA filtered (Filtration)

  • Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (Purification)

  • Provides 10,300 Btu/h of heat and 11,500 Btu/h of cooling.

  • Operating range on Heat mode: 40-80F.

  • Operating range on Cool mode: 65-95F.

  • ETL Listed and Certified.

  • UL2998 Certified Ozone free

  • New R-32 Refrigerant.

  •  Includes Standard BiPolar Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization for active purification

  • Soft touch LED Controller.

  • Self-diagnostic LED controller displays error codes for quick troubleshooting.

  • Operates on standard 115V power at only 12 Amps.

  • Auto full condensate bucket shut off and audible alarm.

  • Condensate Pump Option. (Beckett Brand Plug n Play)

  • Automatic Restart feature that resets to original settings if power is lost. 

  • No costly installation necessary. Fast setup in minutes.

  • Built for everyday use and designed for the rental industry.

  • Classic design for a great look in all commercial applications.

  • High quality locking castors for effortless movement.

  • LCDI protected plug

CPTH-12 HEPA Heat Pump w/NPBI

CPTH-12 HEPA Heat Pump
R-32 Refrigerant
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