Remediation & Restoration
Whether it's a natural disaster or a common water pipe leak, count on ClimaTemp to deliver top of the line remediation and restoration products.  For moisture removal our proven 200 pints/day Revolt 5000 LGR was designed for any moisture removal job.  The smaller Rebel 180 crawl space dehumidifier is compact and small enough to fit in the tightest spaces. 
We recommend our CT Revolt 5000 LGR and CT Rebel 180 dehumidifier for all of your moisture removal needs.
To compliment our dehumidifiers, the remediation and restoration industry also utilizes spot coolers for cooling and dehumidification. Our CT-12 and CT-60 can be used for moisture removal without any ducting, just plug into power and start removing moisture immediately.  
Natural Disaster Clean up
Flood Applications
Water Intrusion
Carpet Drying
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