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Office Space & Buildings
Office & Building cooling solutions
Office spaces and buildings require 24/7 cooling for employees and companies with Data centers and sensitive electronics.  When the building cooling systems fail it can leave entire floors or areas of the building unconditioned.  Our spot cooler portable air conditioners can be used for short term or long term solutions to cool specific spots within the building, keeping employees and critical equipment up and running.

We recommend our 1-ton 
CT-12 ECO-TEC+ spot cooler, and 5-ton CT-60 portable air conditioners for use in Office Spaces and Buildings to quickly cool down areas fast and efficiently. For heating applications our CPTH-12 Heat Pump will handle all of your spot heating needs.
If indoor air quality is a concern, our
CT-12ECO-TEC+ HEPA spot cooler and CPT-60 with Cold Plasma Technology will purify indoor spaces and increase building (IAQ).
Office Spaces
Data Rooms
Elevator Rooms

CT-60 spot cooler
CT-12 ECO-TEC+ spot cooler
CPTH-12 1ton Heat Pump
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