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IT & Server Rooms
IT & Data Center cooling solutions
Data center cooling equipment and mechanisms are required to keep these facilities at an ideal temperature 24x7 and to prevent critical IT equipment from overheating. When these systems shut down, sensitive electronic equipment overheats and can cause a critical failure or shut down of the electronic equipment.  Our portables can be quickly moved within the space to spot cool these critical systems and keep equipment up and running smoothly.

We recommend our 1-ton 
CT-12 ECO-TEC+ spot cooler, and 5-ton CT-60 portable air conditioners for use in Data Centers and Server Rooms to quickly cool down sensitive electronic equipment.
Server Rooms
Data Room
Server Racks
IT Facilities
Cell Sites

CT-60 5ton spot cooler
CT-12 ECO-Tec+ 1ton spot cooler
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