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Hospitals & Healthcare
Healthcare and Hospital cooling products
When you need the ultimate in purifying portable air conditioners look no further. ClimaTemp HEPA spot coolers and Cold Plasma Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Technology portables are designed specifically for use in Hospitals and the Healthcare environment.  Our (IAQ) line of portable air conditioners use passive HEPA filtration and active bipolar ionization to kill viruses and bacteria.  Our HEPA spot cooler is the only portable air conditioner to be efficacy tested on particulate and microbial removal by a 3rd party independent lab. For safety, all of our products are UL2998 Certified Ozone Free and safe for use around people and all applications.

We recommend the following portable air conditioners and heaters for Hospital and Healthcare applications where (IAQ) and indoor health is most critical.

CT-12 ECO_TEC+ HEPA  (HEPA spot cooler)
CTW-18 HEPA water-cooled air conditioner
CPT-60  (Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization)

CPTH-12 HEPA Heat Pump (Heating & Cooling)
Emergency Rooms
Surgery Rooms
Intensive Care Rooms
General Patient Areas
Waiting Areas
Nursing Stations
MRI Rooms
Dental Offices
Nursing Homes
Health & Rehab Facilities
Surgical Suites
Hospital Labs
Consulting Rooms
IT Computer Rooms
Hospital Hallways
Triage Tents

Portable air conditioners
CPTH-12 Heat Pump
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