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ClimaTemp's Portable spot cooler products were designed with the commercial and industrial customer in mind. These ClimaTemp portable spot coolers are used year-round in a variety of cooling applications including offices, computer rooms, hospitals, labs, and any heat related applications that require cooling of people or equipment.  All of our products were designed and built with the highest standards and quality parts.  What makes ClimaTemp inherently different than its competition is an understanding of what features and products are important to the rental industry customer and incorporating these features into our product line. The product adapts to you, you don't have to adapt to the product.

Here at ClimaTemp we are constantly changing the portable cooling landscape by introducing new and innovative technologies.  Our revolutionary products include the "patent pending" HEPA spot cooler and our newest product utilizes Cold Plasma Technology, also known as Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI).  ClimaTemp is the first to introduce this "patent pending" technology for portable air conditioners anywhere in the world. Other adaptations include QuickMove condenser and evaporator filters, kick plates, bump guards and spin on nozzles to name a few. With unsurpassed performance, design reliability and innovation, ClimaTemp's Portables are a perfect fit for the commercial and industrial markets. It's easy to see how ClimaTemp is revolutionizing the portable cooling industry. 

Proven technology to Reduce Coronavirus Surrogate by 99% Airborne and 80% on Surfaces in 10 Minutes
Experience our newest "Patent Pending" portable air conditioner with Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization.

CT-12 HEPA spot cooler

CT-12 with HEPA Accessory Kit

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