The Next-Generation of Cooling, Heating and Air Purification Portables.

ClimaTemp's portable spot cooler and air purification products were designed with the commercial and industrial customer in mind. These ClimaTemp portable spot coolers are used year-round in a variety of cooling and heating applications including offices, computer rooms, hospitals, labs, and any related applications that require cooling or heating of people or equipment.  All of our products were designed and built with the newest technologies, highest standards and quality parts. 

Here at ClimaTemp we are constantly changing the portable cooling landscape by introducing new and innovative technologies with an emphasis on (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality.  Our revolutionary products include the "patent pending" HEPA spot cooler and our newest product that utilizes Cold Plasma Technology, also known as Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization that is effective in killing the viruses and bacteria.  ClimaTemp is the first to introduce this "patent pending" technology for portable air conditioners anywhere in the world. With unsurpassed performance, design, reliability and innovation, ClimaTemp's Portables are a perfect fit for the commercial and industrial markets. It's easy to see how ClimaTemp is revolutionizing the portable cooling industry. 

The leader in IAQ Portables.
The 2 Newest Technologies in Portable Cooling and Heating Products.

ClimaTemp is the leader in IAQ portables.  The Cold Plasma line of spot coolers are engineered to solve the current issues of the worldwide pandemic.  Cold Plasma Technology utilizes Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization and HEPA filtration combine to reduce 99.7% of viruses and bacteria while also removing odors and reducing VOC's.

ClimaTemp’s “Patent Pending” Cold Plasma line of portable air conditioners  and purifiers are the first in the industry to utilize Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization Technology. This technology utilizes active purification by creating and releasing millions of positive and negative oxygen ions into the air.  These ions seek out and attach to pathogens such as viruses, causing a chemical reaction on the surface of the cell membrane. This deactivates the viruses, rendering them harmless, so they can no longer spread or cause infection.  In conforming to strict health regulations all of our products are UL2998 Certified  Ozone Free and safe for all applications.
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UL 2998 Ozone-Free Validation
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Healthcare & Hospitals

Cold Plasma Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Technology and HEPA portable air conditioners.

The most complete purification product available to combat viruses and bacteria.

Our Cold Plasma Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Technology combined with HEPA filtration. The most advanced purifying spot cooler ever.  The only spot cooler recommended for use in Healthcare facilities.  Efficacy tested and proven to reduce viruses, and bacteria, while eliminating VOCs and odors on both surface and airborne pathogens.

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Schools & Universities

IAQ in the classroom.

HEPA spot coolers are a perfect fit for Schools, Colleges and Universities.  Our Advanced HEPA purification provides for continuous IAQ filtration and cooling.  Standard spot coolers circulate dirty air and have little to no filtration which can lead to transmission of infections among students and teaching professionals. Our HEPA portables filter out dangerous pathogens including viruses and bacteria that can be present in the classroom environment.  


Server Rooms & Tech

Temperature Control for Sensitive Equipment.

Dependable and efficient portable cooling for heat sensitive electronics, servers and computer equipment.  Whether its a short term emergency cooling application or a longer term supplemental solution, our portable cooling products were designed to meet the most demanding cooling applications in the industry.


Office Space & Buildings

Comfort Cooling and Heating exactly where you need it.

Portable spot coolers are essential to keeping people and equipment cool during scheduled shutdowns or HVAC failures.  Quick and easy to install, our portable air conditioners and heat pumps will quickly solve any cooling or heating issue to keep people performing their best in the office environment.


Remediation & Restoration 

Dependable and reliable moisture removal and filtration.

Whether it's a natural disaster or a common water pipe leak, count on ClimaTemp to deliver top of the line remediation and restoration products. 

Retail Space 

From people to products, count on our portable cooling and heating products to handle any size job.

Did you know there are over 3.5 million retail locations in the U.S?  These companies depend on cooling and heating for employees, products and customers to keep their business running smoothly.   Our spot cooler portable air conditioners can be used for short term or long term solutions to cool or heat specific spots within the retail space.